Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Well, it's definately summer here! It was 96 when I came in to open my store this morning ~ YUCK!

So, needless to say, even though we have AC in the store, the kids are....you guessed it... whining and complaining!!! I have such a terrible headache, and had a car accident this morning (not my fault lol)It was a little more than a fender bender, but no serious injuries. But MAN my head hurts! So all the bickering is just NOT helpful! lol

But, they are having fun, coloring, and pushing each others buttons! How is a mom to work??????? lol

Friday, June 25, 2010


Well, it's been awhile since my last post....ok a month! But I have a GREAT excuse! I opened up a REAL brick n mortar store!!! I'm out of the flea market, and into my own store!

WOW! I was cramped in the flea market space, but now I have too much room! lol So, I need to fill it up, so I have been busy! lol

I have so much more to do! Like advertising, and actually making money! lol But the whole family is pitching in, and it's great!

Ok, except for the bickering, arguing and complaing, other than that it's great! Well, there is the begging to go to the candy shop a few doors down, that is CONSTANT! But other than that, great! lol

What I love the most is that I can add new products! Here's one that we JUST got in.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Ok, after MUCH work, and a near nervous breakdown, I FINALLY have them!!! The authentic Silly Bandz, or as my 6 yr old likes to call them, "the real deal" lol

I have them listed on my website, www.thelollipoplane.com But, WOW! It was worth all the headaches! No one in my area seems to carry the real ones, and the kids were all so thrilled! Now I have to harass, I mean contact, the company again to get them on my other orders that I placed in advance! lol

The only down side is, my daughters! lol My youngest, the afore mentioned 6 yr old, was telling her friend go ahead take one, they're free! The little girl said no they aren't and Amanda said, they are for you! Ahhhh my budding business woman! This is the same girl who was "negotiating" with the store owner accross the hall from us, he was selling something she wanted, he said how about $1? She said, nope, how about $10? Needless to say, we try to keep her away from the customers! lol She would give away the store! We keep her away from our vendors too, she would have me paying retail for my supplies! lol

She is a cutie pie though, when someone asks her where she got whatever catches their eye, she smiles and says, Lollipop Lane! My mom made it! lol

That's it for now! I will be announcing the winner of the free necklace a little later today! :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Silly Bandz

If you have kids, you know all about the Silly Bandz craze! Everyone wants them, but stores are sold out everywhere! I think I have a little insight! I ordered Silly Bandz for my store on 5/3, I was told they would ship in 5-7 days, great! Well, by day 7, I still didn't even have an order confirmation!

So, I called, then they said 10 days from when I ordered. Really?? Ok, so I wait, the person I spoke with said that I should have ordered more, because I would sell out of the others too quickly, so he added on to the order. Then I waited.

Well, I called the day it was supposed to ship, 5/13, and nope not yet! They can't give a date yet. OMG, I was irritated!!

Ok, here we are, today is the 18th. The SWORE it would ship today, so I called to confirm. Mind you, when you call, you get a busy signal alot, so you have to keep calling! lol Anyway, when I finally got a person, she said my card was declined?? WHAT????? I had JUST verified that the funds were there yesterday, JUST to be safe! lol So, she says she has to send an email to the credit department, and they'll look at it tomorrow, and get back to me. WHAT????

So, I asked, seriously, no one there can run the credit card? really????? So she did, and guess what????? It was approved! Get out! Meanswhile, I haven't added any funds to the account, but at least it was approved, but guess what? It didn't ship today!

So, after sitting on hold for about a half an hour, her supervisor said he would get it shipped in the morning. Hopefully I'll have them by the weekend.

But, the moral of this story: If you can't find Silly Bandz, it's because either your retailers got tired of playing games, OR they are still waiting for someone to send them out! lol

So, I will be calling tomorrow, and if they say they haven't shipped yet, I WILL go to Ohio, and track down the supervisor! News at 11 :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lollipop Lane Give Away

Ok, here it is, I couldn't wait! The rules are simple, so have fun! Look below for ways to enter to win this:

How to enter: Leave comments below with your qualifying entries. Leave a Separate comment for each entry telling us which you qualify for.

MANDATORY 1st entry- Visit The Lollipop Lane (www.thelollipoplane.com) and tell us what product you would love to have.

1st Mandatory Entry must be completed before you can qualify for additional entries.

3 entries
– Follow Lollipop Lane on Twitter (Lollipop_Ln)(If you already follow, just put your username, you still get the entries!)
10 entries- Make a purchase from The Lollipop Lane (www.thelollipoplane.com)
5 entries- Blog about this giveaway linking to this post and www.thelollipoplane.com. Leave a link to your post in your entry.
3 entries – Sign up for The Lollipop Lane's Newsletter. (if you already subscribe, just leave your email, you still get the entries!)
1 entry - Follow this Blog (leave your username)
1 entry for each - Tweet about this giveaway, with a link here. (earn up to 5 entries a day!)

Giveaway ends on 5/15 Winner will receive an email, and be announced on the blog.

Good Luck, and have fun!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good News, and eh news

Well, it looks like everyone from the dump truck accident will be ok, some injuries, but nothing life threatening, thank goodness! That's the good news!

The eh news ~ I was sweeping my neighbors sidewalk, to get the glass and debris off (her daughter in law was in car #1). There is a long history between us, and the whole family hates us (but they are mildly insane lol) it was over a property line dispute. The absolute stupidist of all reasons, especially since WE got hosed in the deal! lol

But, back on topic, I thought it would be the kind thing to do, so I did it anyway, man! They have a lot of sidewalk! lol Plus, their property took on the most damage, with the debris and glass.

So, I'm just about done sweeping, have blisters on my hands, NO MAKEUP on, and a real plain and simple black dress. Well, guess who walks up to me? A NEWS CREW!! Are you kidding? To say I looked like crap is an understatement. I had dirt and dust everywhere, I was bleeding, and well, looked AWFUL!

http://www.wnep.com/news/countybycounty/wnep-dickson-city-dump-truck-crash,0,2949700.story Here's the link to the story. You should see all the damage!

They insisted on asking me a few questions, even though I pointed them to more knowledgable people, guess they didn't talk! lol Anyway, of course, I made it on the news, sounding like a blithering idiot! And looking like one too! The worst part....I didn't even have my company shirt on! lol At least I could have gotten free advertising! ~ Sigh~ well, my one chance at 15 minutes of fame, came down to about 10 seconds, and I looked like crap! What a day! lol

Friday, May 7, 2010

Life looks different with kids

All I can say is ... wow! At 7:31 this morning, I was brewing my coffee, I had been up late making dresses for my girls, and had to finish Rachel's. Well, I go to use the ladies room, and I hear BOOM!!! Ok, I knew it wasn't me. So, I thought, uhoh! Hubby comes running in to tell me there was an accident...HELLO!!! Let me pull my pants up please! Sheesh! where did the dignity go? lol

So, I go out to the porch, and oh my goodness, it was carnage! I saw two cars, and then a dump truck a block away. There was broken glass and chunks of car everywhere! I spoke to some ladies that saw it, and it happened RIGHT in front of my house!

The dump truck was going about 70 mph, he lost his brakes (they are investigating that) and literally ran over this car:

I didn't even see this car, because it was literally wedged UNDER the dump truck! That was car #1 to be hit. Car #1 had no control, and was forced into Car #2, by the dump truck. Car #2 was metal, and fared pretty well. Car #2 hit car #3, and car #3 rammed into a telephone pole. OMG, the smoke, the smell, and the injuries! The one good thing was the house that car #3 ended up at happens to be owned by a nurse, so she was an enormous help to them!

Now, we live in a residential neighborhood, speed limit is 25, it is a MIRACLE people weren't killed. So far the injuries appear to be relatively minor, but they don't know for sure.

Here's how life is different with kids, before kids, I would have been shocked, and thought how horrible!

With kids, I immediately head for the what if's! What if my son had been on his way to the bus stop? What if this happened 4 minutes earlier, when there was a bus full of kids going down the road? With kids you realize, life can change in the blink of an eye! Not everything can be fixed.

So, now I'm more paranoid than usual! I don't even want my kids in the front yard! Can you blame me? The poor first car was pushed up onto the sidewalk!

I'll post more as I find out. Be safe!